What application fields have long glass fiber PP gone to for so many years?

Jun 08, 2022

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***In recent years, long glass fiber modified PP is very popular in the modified plastic industry. The long glass fiber reinforced PP material is low in price and has the excellent performance no less than that of reinforced engineering plastics. In combination with the high cost performance advantages shown by these two points, it is widely favored by the industry.
At present, these manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the production, R & D and market development of this type of materials.
PP material
As one of the general plastic materials, PP has excellent comprehensive properties, good chemical stability, good molding performance and relatively low price; However, PP has some disadvantages, such as low strength, modulus and hardness, poor low-temperature impact strength, large molding shrinkage and easy aging.
Generally speaking, the tensile strength of PP material is between 20m~30mpa, the bending strength is between 25m~50mpa, and the bending modulus is between 800m~1500mpa. Therefore, it is modified to meet the needs of the product. Nowadays, each kind of modified PP has a large number of applications in the field of household appliances and automotive applications.
Glass fiber (English Name: glass fiber or fiberglass) is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. Its advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but its disadvantages are brittle and poor wear resistance. One of the main uses of glass fiber is the reinforcement of composite materials. Long glass fiber generally refers to glass fiber with a length of more than 10mm.

What application fields have long glass fiber PP gone to for so many years?
Long glass fiber reinforced PP plastic
Long glass fiber reinforced PP plastic refers to a modified PP composite with glass fiber length of 10 to 25mm, which forms a three-dimensional structure with glass fiber length greater than 3.1mm through injection molding and other processes. It is longglassfiberpolypropylene in English and lgfpp in short. Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) are referred to as long fiber reinforced thermoplastics in many domestic and foreign materials. From the definition of materials, lgfpp belongs to LFT.
As the carrier material of automobile module, the material can not only effectively improve the rigidity, impact strength, creep resistance and dimensional stability of products, but also make complex automobile module products.
Particle morphology of long glass fiber reinforced PP
Generally, they are columnar particles with a length of 12mm or 25mm and a diameter of about 3mm. Among them, about 12mm long pellets are mainly used for injection molding, while about 25mm long pellets are mainly used for compression molding. In this kind of particles, glass fiber has the same length as the particles. The content of glass fiber can range from 20% to 70%. The color of particles can be matched according to customer requirements.
Why do some fields use long glass fiber reinforced PP instead of short glass fiber reinforced PP?
Compared with short fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, LFT has the following advantages:
• the fiber length is long, which significantly improves the mechanical properties of the products.
• high specific stiffness and strength, good impact resistance, especially suitable for the application of automotive components.
• improved creep resistance, good dimensional stability and high part forming accuracy.
• excellent fatigue resistance.
• better stability in high temperature and humid environment.
• during the forming process, the fiber can move relatively in the forming mold, and the fiber damage is small.
Where is long glass fiber reinforced PP often used?
automotive industry 
Front end module, door module, gear shifting mechanism, electronic accelerator pedal, instrument panel frame, cooling fan and frame, battery bracket, bumper bracket, underbody protective plate, sunroof frame, etc. are used to replace reinforced PA or metal materials. The application of this material in these fields has been greatly promoted in Europe, and the current consumption is 20000t/y.
Home appliance industry
Washing machine drum, washing machine triangle support, one brush machine drum, air conditioning fan, etc., used to replace short glass fiber reinforced PA, APS cargo metal materials.

What application fields have long glass fiber PP gone to for so many years?
Communication, electronics and electrical appliance industries
High precision connectors, igniter components, coil shafts, relay bases, microwave oven transformer coil racks / frames, electrical connectors, solenoid valve packages, scanner components, etc. in the communication electronics industry.
Electric tool shell, water pump or water meter shell, impeller, bicycle skeleton, snowboard, ground locomotive pedal, military / civil safety helmet, safety shoe head, etc. are used to replace short glass fiber reinforced PA, PPO, etc.
Let's take a look at some typical application cases of long glass fiber plastic!
Front end module
For automobile front-end module, pp-lgf30 material is adopted, which can integrate more than 10 traditional metal parts such as radiator, horn, condenser and bracket into a whole; Compared with metal parts, it is more corrosion-resistant, with small density and weight reduction of about 30%, and has higher design freedom. It can be directly recycled without classification; It reduces the manufacturing cost and has obvious cost reduction advantages.
The plastic front-end module of foreign brands such as Volkswagen and Ford has been successfully applied for many years. In recent years, independent brand car companies have gradually begun to carry out independent design and Research on the application of new materials. As early as 2011, Chery Automobile undertook the * * * science and technology support plan project of "development of fiber reinforced plastic front-end module and its integrated application on target vehicle models", which developed the plastic front-end module system and successfully applied it to mass production vehicle models.
Instrument panel body framework
For the soft instrument panel framework material, lgfpp has higher strength, changed bending modulus and better fluidity than pp. under the same strength, the design thickness of the instrument panel can be reduced to reduce the weight. Generally, the weight reduction effect is about 20%. At the same time, the traditional multi component instrument cluster carrier can be developed into a single module. In addition, the front defrosting air duct body of the instrument panel and the middle framework of the instrument panel are generally made of the same material as the framework of the instrument panel, which can further improve the weight reduction effect.
Among the joint venture brands, lgfpp has been adopted for the instrument panel framework of many mass-produced vehicles, such as FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen and Changan Ford. Among the independent brands, the Great Wall high-end SUV instrument panel framework pp-lgf20 replaces the modified PP from 3mm to 2.2mm, and has been successfully mass produced. Lgfpp materials are gradually adopted for the instrument panel framework of BYD Tengshi, SAIC Roewe 550 and other passenger cars above intermediate level.
Door module (door intermediate plate frame)
The modern Sonata plastic door module, which used SABIC stamax long glass fiber polypropylene, won the innovation award of the American Society of plastic Engineers (SPE). The front door module of the new Ford Fiesta model integrates a variety of functional components, such as door locks, door window regulators, speakers, anti-theft devices, etc. Mazda 6 door inner panel and FAW Pentium B70 are all made of lgfpp.
Gearshift mechanism
In the past, the shift mechanism mainly used metal materials and short fiber nylon materials. At present, the shift mechanism framework of a few foreign models has tried to use long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene materials instead of short glass fiber nylon materials.
Nylon materials are easy to absorb water, and the water absorption of finished parts is generally more than 0.7%. In high temperature and humidity environment, there is a risk of failure; If it is changed to long glass fiber polypropylene material that is not easy to absorb water, such problems can be avoided. At the same time, long glass fiber reinforced PP material can reduce weight and cost.

What application fields have long glass fiber PP gone to for so many years?
Electronic accelerator pedal
The electronic accelerator pedal arm needs to bear a large force. Therefore, the selected materials need to have excellent mechanical properties and good toughness. The material properties cannot change greatly at high and low temperatures. At present, the electronic accelerator pedal arm is mainly made of glass fiber reinforced PA material.
Tycona material supplier has successfully used long glass fiber plastic (celstranpp-lgf40/50) for electronic accelerator pedal, which has good performance of low odor and high strength, and the cost is lower than that of reinforced PA material.

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