Carbon fiber CT medical bed plate

Dec 07, 2022

Carbon fiber composites have been recognized in various fields due to their excellent comprehensive performance. With the continuous development of China's medical industry, the number of carbon fiber composites used in the medical field is increasing. I believe that we are familiar with medical bed boards, because medical bed boards will be used in some examinations. Many medical bed boards are made of carbon fiber composites, Thermoplastic carbon fiber prepreg is one of the carbon fiber composites. In essence, carbon fiber medical bed plate is the final product obtained by extruding the prepreg tape. Now let's follow the PEEK prepreg manufacturer Noen Composite to understand the application of carbon fiber composites to medical bed plate.

Carbon fiber medical edition

Carbon fiber medical bed board is a carbon fiber board with larger size and thicker thickness, but it needs to meet certain performance parameter requirements in the production process. For example, carbon fiber CT bed board needs to have good X-ray transmittance. If the transmissivity is not up to the standard, it can not be used. For the production of carbon fiber medical bed plate, first design the drawing of the plate, then cut the prepreg according to the drawing, and calculate the number of layers of prepreg according to the thickness of each layer. After the prepreg is ready, put the prepreg in the mold for heating and softening. After heating and pressurizing to a certain time, cool and finalize the design, the rough carbon fiber bed plate can be obtained, and then machine it for fine processing.
Carbon fiber bed plate has many advantages in the medical field. Compared with other materials, carbon fiber medical bed plate is lighter in weight and stronger in strength, which can better support the weight of patients. For medical devices, their low weight can be easily used by the staff, and the carbon fiber bed plate has a very good corrosion resistance, even if the agent is touched by mistake, it will not have a bad effect. The traditional carbon fiber medical plate uses thermosetting carbon fiber composites, but with the development of society, more environmentally friendly thermoplastic carbon fiber prepreg has become a better choice for carbon fiber medical devices.

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