Application of carbon fiber materials in the medical industry

Dec 02, 2022

With the progress of domestic science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for materials in domestic medical device production are increasingly strict. The appearance of carbon fiber composite materials makes medical device production materials have a better choice. At present, due to the continuous progress of medicine, the required medical devices are more diversified, so carbon fiber composites have been widely used in the medical industry. Noen Composite, a carbon fiber manufacturer, will take you to understand why carbon fiber materials are more and more widely used in the medical industry.

I believe you should understand that the more sophisticated the instruments and equipment, the more stringent the requirements for materials. It is required that all properties of materials should reach a certain value. Compared with other materials, carbon fiber composites have great advantages in weight, strength, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, high temperature resistance and other characteristics. Carbon fiber has more than 95% carbon content, and has a very high specific modulus. It is not only applicable to medical devices, but also widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, weapons and equipment.
At present. The application of carbon fiber materials in medical treatment mainly includes:
1. Carbon fiber prosthesis
2. Carbon fiber bed plate
3. Carbon fiber wheelchair
4. Carbon fiber medical box

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