Introduction to several mature carbon fiber medical devices

Dec 13, 2022

According to the latest market research report, the global medical composite market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 6.91% from 2016 to 2020. As medical carbon materials, carbon materials have the advantages of good biocompatibility, low irritation to living tissues, non-toxic, non carcinogenic, small proportion, and similar elastic modulus to human bone, which has potential advantages as the fourth generation implant materials. The application of carbon fiber materials in the medical field has been continuously developed and updated with the deepening of research. Today, Nuon Composite will show you some mature carbon fiber medical devices.

1. Carbon fiber ct bed plate
In the medical field, X-ray machines and computer tomography scanners are widely used in diagnosis and treatment. The traditional medical bed plate will refract X-ray greatly. If you want to diagnose accurately, you must increase the voltage. In this way, not only energy is wasted, but also the side effects on patients are particularly large. The final imaging may not be very clear.
The carbon fiber medical CT bed plate is made of carbon fiber composite material, which can meet the transmission rate of X-ray and reduce the use of X-ray; In addition, the ray is allowed to shine on the bed plate at any inclined angle, without large deviation due to refraction. The utility model not only meets the use requirements, but also reduces the harm of patients and medical staff from radiation.
2. Carbon fiber medical bed board
The medical bed board made of carbon fiber composite material has the characteristics of light weight, high stability, high strength and fracture resistance. Carbon fiber composites are non-metallic materials, which are not active in chemical properties and will not react with acids, alkalis, salts, etc. Medical residues, blood stains, and alcohol will not affect the carbon fiber panels.

The lightweight characteristics of carbon fiber medical bed plate make it easy to move and facilitate medical personnel to better adjust the angle. The stability of carbon fiber material and the biocompatibility of human body make it widely valued in medical devices and biological materials.
3. Carbon fiber orthosis
It refers to the general term of external appliances assembled on human limbs, trunk and other parts to prevent and correct the deformity of limbs and trunk, or treat bone joint and neuromuscular diseases and compensate their functions. The orthosis made of carbon fiber is light, stable and adaptable, which can store energy and reduce patients' energy consumption.
4. Carbon fiber wheelchair
The traditional wheelchair is made of steel. In order to pursue lightweight, aluminum alloy gradually takes its place. Now, carbon fiber composite materials begin to occupy the c position by virtue of their lightweight performance advantages. Carbon fiber composites have excellent performance, and can also be used to make complex component structures through integrated molding technology. They are ideal materials for high-end wheelchairs. Carbon fiber wheelchair components can reduce the weight by about 30% when applied to electric wheelchairs, which can increase the battery life.

Taking a certain electric carbon fiber wheelchair produced with the assistance of Noen Composite Materials as an example, according to customer feedback data, the weight of the electric wheelchair using carbon fiber composite materials is only 14kg, which is about 33% less than the 21kg of the traditional aluminum alloy electric wheelchair; In terms of load bearing, the traditional aluminum alloy wheelchair can bear 100kg, while the electric wheelchair using carbon fiber materials can bear 200kg, which is suitable for more people; In terms of the most concerned endurance, thanks to the lightweight characteristics of carbon fiber, this carbon fiber electric wheelchair can travel 40km with a maximum speed of 8km/h on a single charge, while the driving distance of traditional electric wheelchairs is only 20km, which has been increased by 50%.
5. Carbon fiber prosthesis
At present, there are 8.77 million disabled people in China, more than 1 million of whom need to receive prosthetic devices, and the number has increased every year. Most of the prostheses in China are made of traditional profiles, such as cast steel, wood and aluminum alloy, which are not only of poor quality and performance, but also of low standardization. The carbon fiber composite artificial limb is light in weight, strong in strength and good in performance. It can realize standardized production, help the disabled to better play the compensatory function of the artificial limb in daily life and work, improve the quality of life and increase happiness.

Carbon fiber composite is a new material composed of resin and carbon fiber. In addition, the resin blending and carbon fiber diversity paving methods bring great flexibility to the design of equipment. Nuon Composites focuses on the design, development and manufacturing of carbon fiber composites, and provides the medical device field with X-ray high transmittance carbon fiber composite plates and various complex structural parts. With the continuous progress of medical technology, medical equipment is also constantly innovating and developing, so the input and application of carbon fiber in medical devices represents a new trend and direction.

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