The first batch of pipes made of renewable raw material cross-linked polyethylene are on the market

Jun 15, 2022

China synthetic resin network / Xing Xiuyan / 2022-06-15 13:20:36 6353 0
Eurochem recently announced the launch of the first batch of pipe combinations made of renewable raw material cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X), which has passed the quality balance certification of ISCC plus project. It is reported that compared with traditional PE-X pipes, PEX pipe blue production line can reduce the carbon footprint by up to 90%.

Nordic chemical cooperates with Uponor, a Finnish supplier of pipeline and other infrastructure products, to develop PEX pipe blue. Based on renewable PE extracted from second-generation natural resources (such as waste from pulp production or residues from food processing grease), the new PE-X pipe Blue products will help construction and construction customers achieve their sustainable development goals in the installation of pipes, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
Since the introduction of PE-X pipes 50 years ago, Uponor has continuously sought to improve its product supply and process. Robert molund, managing director of Uponor AB, said: "we can now provide * * * renewable PE-X pipe blue for customers, which means that the construction industry can greatly reduce its construction carbon footprint and meet the current cycle goals. With the use of renewable energy raw materials and huge carbon dioxide emission reduction opportunities, we believe that PE-X pipe blue will soon become a new reference standard for this important market."
The carbon footprint of PE-X pipe blue is calculated according to the environmental product declaration (EPD) of en15804+a1 and cml/iso21930 standards. EPD assesses the environmental impact of products through life cycle assessment. Nordic chemical said that all data would be verified by an independent third party.
Similarly, ISCC plus certification is based on the third-party quality balance. This chain of custody mode enables sustainable content to be tracked, traced and verified throughout the value chain, providing sustainability assurance from raw materials to end products. This means that for every ton of certified bornewables PE-X used in production, an equal amount of PE-X pipe blue can be considered as certified renewable energy without affecting quality and efficiency. In order to ensure that all requirements are met, the ISCC plus certificates of Nordic chemical and Uponor are audited annually.
"We are pleased to make such an important contribution to the circular development of the plastic infrastructure and pipe industry," said John Webster, global business director of Nordic chemical infrastructure. "Achieving greater sustainability and carbon neutrality requires specialized cooperation with value chain partners with common goals. PE-X pipe blue and bornewables are an impressive example."

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