The competition for fan blade recovery has entered a white hot stage

Jun 09, 2022

Official website of China Composite Industry Association / Xing Xiuyan / 2022-06-07 13:54:46 53730
Iberdrola, a Spanish energy company, has jointly established a company to recycle components used in renewable energy installations, including fan blades.

The competition for fan blade recovery has entered a white hot stage
In a statement last week, Iberdrola said that the company, known as energyloop, would develop a leaf recycling facility in Navarra, northern Spain.
The company's goal at the beginning of * * * will be to recycle the glass fiber, carbon fiber and resin of fan blades and reuse them in the fields of energy, aerospace, automobile, textile, chemical industry and construction.
Energyloop was launched by Iberdrola through Perseo (its "international start-up program") and FCC Á mbito. The latter is a subsidiary of FCC servicios medio Ambiente.
Iberdrola said that energyloop will also be supported by Siemens gamesa renewable energy, which is the main manufacturer of wind turbines.
When the fan blades are no longer needed, how to deal with these blades is a headache for the industry. This is because it has been proved that blades made of composite materials are difficult to recycle, which means that many blades will eventually be landfilled at the end of their service life.
With the increasing use of wind turbines, this problem seems to become more urgent. Iberdrola said that it is estimated that by 2030, about 5700 wind turbines in Europe will be dismantled every year.
Iberdrola is one of several companies studying the potential of recycling and reusing fan blades. This goal is consistent with the concept of creating circular economy.
In recent years, this concept has been attached importance to. Many enterprises now hope to operate in a way that * * * greatly reduces waste and encourages reuse:
In September, 2021, Siemens gamesa said that it had launched recyclable fan blades. The company claimed that its recycleblades were * * * recyclable fan blades in the world and could be used for offshore commercial purposes.
A few months ago, in june2021, the Danish company Orsted said that it would "reuse, recycle or recycle" all blades in its global wind farm portfolio after they were retired.
In June of the same year, GE's renewable energy department and cement manufacturer Holcim reached an agreement to explore the recycling of fan blades.
In january2020, Vestas, another wind energy giant, said that its goal was to produce "zero waste" turbines by 2040.

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