Taixiang launched vector medical grade TPE to help with high transparency, high flexibility and toughness of infusion pipe and trachea

Jun 07, 2022

China synthetic resin network / Xing Xiuyan / 2022-06-07 09:51:1381170
As a global manufacturer of styrene block polymers and their downstream admixtures * * *, Taiwan rubber provides a variety of product groups, including taipol and vector styrene butadiene styrene copolymer (SBS) products with butadiene as coordination monomer, styrene isoprene styrene copolymer (SIS) products with isoprene as coordination monomer, and styrene ethylene / butene styrene copolymer (SEBS) products after SBS hydrogenation, And live particle t-blend, which is mainly SEBS.
Taixiang will continue to expand its sales in Asia, Europe and America, provide customers with consistent and reliable solutions, and provide timely and rapid customer and technical services.
Taixiang has launched vector brand medical grade TPE. The product quality has met the medical specifications and has been successfully applied in the market, including plasticized products related to medical and food contact.
Vector brand medical grade TPE composite material formula is mainly developed for medical consumables such as infusion tube, trachea, multi cavity tube, needle tube sleeve, etc. it has been applied with a number of domestic manufacturers to meet customized needs. The goal is to gradually replace PVC materials containing plasticizer in the market and provide medical products that meet the expectations and peace of mind of the public.

Customized service and high-level production environment
Taixiang first introduced a variety of hardness product brands from 60 Shore A to 40 Shore D, and can provide customization. Its application range includes suitable products from infusion tubes with lower hardness to drippers with higher hardness. In response to the soft elastic characteristics of the product, the water granulation production equipment is built in taixiang (Shanghai), which can provide a good round appearance.
Excellent pipe properties, suitable for a variety of sterilization processes
The developed medical infusion pipe has an outer diameter of 4 microns and an inner diameter of 3 microns. In terms of application characteristics, it has good anti kink characteristics, fast recovery after being clamped with pliers and no adhesion. There is no residual trace after bending. Because it does not contain plasticizer, there are no common problems such as heat precipitation or surface adhesion. Because the material has good temperature resistance, has broad processing conditions, and after a variety of sterilization tests, the application characteristic maintenance rate is more than 90%.

The developed medical trachea has an outer diameter of 11 microns and an inner diameter of 8 microns. Its suction collapse condition can be less than 50% of the deformation, achieving good pipe hardness. The material characteristics can be changed by adjusting the temperature during the manufacturing process to achieve the effect of high transparency or high haze according to different requirements.

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