Polyamide with stable color shines brightly in the application of electric vehicles

May 18, 2022

China synthetic resin network / Xing Xiuyan / 2022-05-17 14:43:37 8370 0
High voltage components are usually exposed to significant and repeated temperature fluctuations, which usually causes strong discoloration of traditional polyamide (PA). In contrast, polybutylene terephthalate ensures the color stability to a great extent. In particular, orange (RAL 2003), which is in great demand by automobile manufacturers, will not have obvious color fluctuation or yellowing during thermal aging. BASF is expanding its portfolio of flame retardant engineering plastics for the electric vehicle market by updating products, including a new PA 66 resin - Ultramid a3u44g6 DC or (pa66-gf30 FR), which can meet the requirements of color stability.

"High voltage components are usually exposed to significant temperature fluctuations, causing strong discoloration of traditional polyamides. Our newly developed Ultramid a3u44g6 DC or has narrowed the innovation gap in color stability and mechanical strength," explained Tina weller, product development, "For the first time, the new product meets all the standards of color stability and thermal aging resistance, so it can also realize lasting color coding, which is very safe in high-voltage sensitive areas. Color stability is confirmed after temperature up to 130 ℃ and 1000 hours of testing."
In addition to color consistency, Ultramid a3u44g6 DC or has high electrical insulation, which is characterized by a CTI of 600. The use of special pigments without the use of Flame Retardants Containing halides can also offset the electrical corrosion that was difficult to control before, especially in humid and warm environments.
Michael Roth of product development explained: "in the development process, we focused on eliminating halides such as iodide and bromide, so as to develop a direction of durable products without contact corrosion."
Due to the very low total halide content (less than 50ppm), PA66 reached fire rating UL94 V0 at 0.4mm. In addition, the product is also equipped with a special organic thermal stabilization package to meet the technical requirements of the market.
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