NS1367 Carbon fiber surgical medical parts: mechanical arm, bed panel and orthopedic instruments

Nov 23, 2022

Carbon fiber surgical manipulator:

Compared with the manual operation of doctors, surgical robots show more stable accuracy and accuracy in routine surgery. Common surgical robots are mostly composed of surveillance cameras, mechanical arm structures, lifting components, platforms, surgical instruments and other components. The role of the manipulator is particularly important. The structure and motion accuracy of the manipulator directly determine the working range of the end effector and the success rate of the operation.

As the main part to realize the speed and accuracy of workpiece movement, the mechanical arm generally includes shoulder joint, elbow joint and wrist joint. No matter which part it needs to bear, the dynamic and static loads are relatively large, that is to say, the bearing capacity and stiffness must meet higher requirements. Moreover, the flexible operation should be achieved to the extreme, relying on precise positioning on the one hand, and light and fast mechanical arm itself on the other hand. The mechanical arm made of lightweight carbon fiber composite can effectively reduce the extra load caused by the arm length, and the material characteristics of high strength and high performance also increase the safety and reliability of the operation of the entire mechanical arm.
Carbon fiber surgical table surface:
Carbon fiber composite medical panel is widely used in radiotherapy, such as carbon fiber breast examination support plate, carbon fiber medical head support, and carbon fiber web plate fixation plate for rectal cancer. With the increasing demand for medical care, carbon fiber composites are increasingly used in operating beds.

The traditional stainless steel operating table needs to constantly adjust the position of the bed and the traction frame to achieve the X-ray transmission function, which will inevitably increase the workload of medical staff and reduce the operation efficiency. Due to the good X-ray transmission performance of carbon fiber material, it is not necessary to constantly adjust the position of the bed body and the traction frame to achieve the perspective target of the entire operating table and obtain high-definition perspective imaging effect, which can greatly reduce the operating burden of medical staff and reduce the negative impact of X-ray on patients. The application effect is ideal.
Carbon fiber bone surgical medical instruments:
In medical devices, the materials in contact with human body should be biocompatible and meet the medical and health safety standards, so as to prevent patients from increasing the risk of infection. Carbon fiber itself is non-toxic, but the properties of matrix resin as composite materials are very different. With continuous carbon fiber as reinforcement and food grade PEEK resin as matrix, the ideal material for orthopedic surgical medical devices is formed by double combination of high-strength reinforcement and high-performance matrix.

The orthopedic surgical sights and surgical brackets made of this material have high strength, good firmness and will not be displaced; The material is light and convenient for doctors to operate; High temperature and corrosion resistance, able to adapt to high-frequency high-temperature disinfection and other disinfection methods; Good wear resistance and long service life; It has no toxic side effects and is not easy to cause allergic reactions.

In the past, the application of carbon fiber parts in China was limited to thermosetting resin base, and the application technology of continuous carbon fiber+medium and high-end thermoplastic resin has been monopolized by the same industry abroad. Now, domestic manufacturers have realized the perfect combination of continuous carbon fiber with PPS, PA, PEEK and other high-end engineering plastics through their own R&D strength and the introduction of foreign equipment. This technology will also continue to provide more room for progress for surgical treatment.
Source: New Material Daily

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