Market analysis of composite sporting goods

Apr 14, 2022

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Recently, marketsandmarkets has successively predicted and analyzed the composite sporting goods market. The specific relevant contents are as follows:

Sports composites are used to manufacture sporting goods, such as golf clubs, golf clubs, skis, hockey clubs, rackets, fishing rods and bicycles. The use of composites in sports and entertainment applications can improve performance because they provide sporting goods with density and stiffness that other traditional metals cannot provide.

The global sports composite market is expected to grow from US $4.1 billion in 2021 to US $5.1 billion in 2026, with a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period.

Influence of new crown on global sports composite market

The global blockade and virtual stagnation caused by the new crown have led to a global economic and commercial crisis. All industrial sectors have been seriously affected and the supply chain has been interrupted. Due to the sluggish demand, the market has been seriously affected, resulting in manufacturers reducing production. Global trade and travel bans have also hampered supply chains.

The demand for sports equipment has been declining due to the cancellation of events and international sports competitions. Travel and trade restrictions have also led to disruptions in the supply of manufacturers' existing orders. Therefore, maintaining an uninterrupted supply chain during the new crown pandemic is a major challenge for the sports composites market.

Increased demand for lightweight materials for sporting goods equipment

Improving efficiency and reducing weight have always been the primary drivers of the use of composites in sporting goods because they improve athletic performance and reduce the threat of injury. In addition, compared with other traditional materials such as titanium, alloy and high tensile strength steel, composites have higher strength to weight ratio, which helps to improve the efficiency and diversity of design. Carbon fiber and glass fiber are regarded as substitutes for these traditional materials because of their light weight, good mechanical properties, various designs, strength, stiffness, etc. Sporting goods manufacturers are increasingly using carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is in great demand for bicycle frames, fishing rods, golf clubs, tennis rackets and other products because it provides compression and lateral stability, as well as light weight, strength and durability. Fiberglass is also a manufacturer's product because it provides strength, flexibility, durability, stability, light weight, heat and moisture resistance. These composites are mainly used to make snowboards and hockey sticks. In addition to these applications, they are also used for bicycles, rackets, etc. However, the strength of glass fiber composites is not as strong as other materials, nor as hard as carbon fiber. For example, the use of composite materials in tennis rackets can reduce weight and increase the hitting point of tennis balls; In hockey sticks, they can reduce weight and adjust kicking points to increase energy transmission; In fishing rods, they reduce weight and improve sensitivity and accuracy.

The rising cost of raw and auxiliary materials increases the cost of composite resin and glass fiber

The cost of raw and auxiliary materials rose. According to relevant sources of raw materials and industry experts, the price of resin for composite materials will rise sharply in 2021. The cost of raw and auxiliary materials continued to rise in the first three quarters of 2021, while freight, logistics and packaging costs increased, leading to a surge in resin prices. General products are cheaper than special products. Compared with general products or commodity products, special products are based on performance rather than price competition to a greater extent. The rising price of glass fiber is expected to restrict market growth. For example, companies such as Owens Corning and Certex have raised the price of glass fiber. With the increase of glass fiber output and the continuous progress of manufacturing technology, it is expected to reduce the price of glass fiber.

The demand for composite materials in the application of new sporting goods is growing

According to different sports, sporting goods need to be made into different sizes and shapes. The various properties of the composite, such as high tensile modulus, low density and light weight, make it suitable for a variety of sporting goods applications, such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, fishing rods, sleds, skis, hockey sticks and bicycle frames. Composites are finding new uses in a variety of sporting goods applications, such as tire systems, fitness equipment, softball, bat, baseball, helmets, bicycle shoes, boots, and Nordic alpine ski clothing, protective clothing, footwear and others. This is because the composites provide compression and lateral stability, light weight, high strength and high durability. The increased demand for composites in new sporting goods applications has created opportunities for the market. For example, topkey Corporation (Taiwan) has developed sports products for Safety - helmets and other composite products using UDPP process.

Recycling related issues

The difficulty of composite recycling is the main challenge faced by composite manufacturers. Most of the composites used are disposed of in landfills. However, the landfill of composite waste is not an environmentally friendly solution. Many EU * * * have banned the landfill of composite waste. Globally, more and more companies are working to reduce global warming and explore the potential of composites in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The difficulty of recycling glass fiber reinforced composites is a stumbling block, and the recycling pressure is great.

Carbon fiber and epoxy resin take the lead in the market

In terms of value, carbon fiber leads the global sports composite market. This is due to the high price of carbon fiber used to manufacture sporting goods such as golf clubs, fishing rods, bicycle frames and rackets. Carbon fiber is one of the advanced reinforcement materials, which provides much higher tensile strength than other reinforcement fibers. Carbon fiber composites are widely used because of their light weight, high tensile strength, durability, impact absorption, resistance and stiffness*** Enterprises to expand the production capacity of carbon fiber and technological innovation is expected to reduce the price, so as to promote the penetration of carbon fiber composites in the application of various sporting goods.

In 2020, epoxy resin will occupy * * * a large share in the global sports composite market. Epoxy resin has high compatibility with carbon fiber, and there is a great demand for golf clubs, rackets, bicycle frames, hockey clubs and fishing rods. They have excellent mechanical, electrical and high heat resistance, and also provide a variety of curing agents.

Skis lead the application market

In terms of quantity and value, skis occupy * * * a large share in the sports composite market in 2020. Composite materials used in skis are suitable for any type of snow. Carbon fiber is located in the upper core layer, which strengthens the buckling of the ski. On the other hand, glass fiber is used above the core layer, which plays a vital role in the connection between the panel and the core layer, thus increasing the toughness of the sliding plate and making the sliding more powerful.

The Asia Pacific region will lead the sports composite market in the forecast period

The Asia Pacific region is a major sports complex market because it has a large number of well-known enterprises in Chinese mainland and Taiwan. In addition, the major manufacturers of glass and carbon fiber are concentrated in the Asia Pacific region. The increasing popularity of various sports, including tennis, badminton and hockey, is also expected to promote market growth.

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