CJ bio of South Korea and NatureWorks will cooperate to develop new biopolymers

May 27, 2022

China synthetic resin network / Xing Xiuyan / 2022-05-26 13:54:3681820
On May 24, CJ bio, a subsidiary of CJ group (CJ), headquartered in South Korea, was also the main manufacturer of PHA polyhydroxyalkanoates. NatureWorks is a global * * * manufacturer of advanced material PLA polylactic acid. The two companies jointly signed a letter of intent (LOI) to establish a strategic alliance and announced that they were working to reach a master cooperation agreement (MCA). Both companies will utilize CJ bio's phact ® Marine biodegradable polymers and Ingeo of NatureWorks ™ Biomaterial technology to jointly develop solutions for sustainable materials. The goal of the agreement is to develop high-performance biopolymers that can replace fossil fuel based plastics, covering applications ranging from compostable food packaging and food tableware to personal care products.
NatureWorks is a pioneer in developing bio based materials, which can not only reduce the impact of carbon emissions, but also realize new waste treatment schemes through its Ingeo technology. As a manufacturer of biomaterials, it has developed many major application areas where PLA can be widely used. In recent years, PLA, as a bio based material, has achieved significant growth in diversified terminal applications. Due to its unique functionality, it has been used to replace petrochemical plastics. In addition to the characteristics of * * * bio based, it can also realize the recycling options of a variety of wastes, including composting degradation, chemical recycling or coated paper recycling. Both companies recognize that there is further potential to improve the performance of biopolymers, waste solutions, and the adoption of new products. The common goal of NatureWorks and CJ is to provide a new generation of solutions for the market by combining their expertise and technical platform. The two sides preliminarily cooperated to develop and use CJ bio's unique amorphous PHA and Ingeo biopolymer, showing very encouraging positive results.
CJ bio is a supplier of biological fermentation products for * * *, and its 13 factories all over the world mainly produce products related to animal nutrition, human nutrition and biomaterials. The company recently announced the completion of its new plant in basuluan, Indonesia, and began the commercial scale production of PHA. CJ bio is the company that * * * produces amorphous PHA (APhA) in the world at present. It is the * * * product under its new brand phact and is named phact a1000p. Amorphous PHA is softer and more elastic, and has completely different properties from crystalline or semi crystalline PHA. It has been certified and meets the standards for biodegradability in industrial compost, soil (environment) and marine environment. Modification with amorphous PHA and PLA can enhance its mechanical properties, such as toughness and ductility, while maintaining transparency. It can also improve the biodegradability of PLA and has the opportunity to become a household compostable product.
"Plastic is an important material to improve human life, but the serious climate challenge caused by its fossil origin and the impact of waste must be solved at present." Seung Jin Lee, head of bio biomaterials business at CJ bio, said: "NatureWorks and its Ingeo technology have brought new material functionality and a variety of after-use treatment solutions to the market. They have excellent product and research and development capabilities in multiple application fields, which are enough to support products suitable for using phact amorphous PHA technology, such as soft and hard packaging. I am glad to have the opportunity to work with NatureWorks to create new solutions to meet the challenges faced by today's plastics And will help improve the living environment of future generations. "
Richaltice, President and CEO of NatureWorks, said: "The demand for sustainable products is growing all over the world. For more than 30 years, NatureWorks has been participating in the circular economy and developing advanced biomaterials to contribute to a sustainable future. Looking forward to the future, we hope to develop more potential new bio based solutions to expand the impact of Ingeo technology. We believe that CJ bio's phact APHA technology is an ideal partner to achieve our goals."
NatureWorks and CJ bio will collect feedback from existing and potential customers on product application and market, including packaging, food tableware and organic recycling management, to understand the growing market demand for functional products to meet the sustainability goals. This cooperation will provide valuable information for the company's product and technology development roadmap. Both companies said that the letter of intent for cooperation is only the beginning of the long-term cooperative relationship between NatureWorks and CJ bio, and the two sides plan to jointly sign a master cooperation agreement in the near future.

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