''Expensive'' Carbon Fiber Car, Worthy?

Jul 30, 2019

We all have to understand the car shell, some people think that the car body shell, which is said to be iron, in fact, is not confined to iron alloy, many car brands body shell using aluminum alloy, high toughness material or carbon fiber material. For aluminum alloy and plastic may better understand, carbon fiber although no new material but know his person is not much, just some of the owners in the modification and on the shell of a car or an ornament posted on a layer of thin imitation carbon fiber film only. Speaking of carbon fiber make people immediately associate to the tall on the car, opens the brain think any application of carbon fiber material car instead of high-end car is track racing, another is private custom and enthusiasts modified car. Carbon fiber materials are so popular, what are the advantages?

Carbon fiber (fiber carbon, referred to as CF), is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fiber which is more than 95%. It is made of graphite crystallites and other organic fibers, which are made of graphite material along the fiber axis. Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. Its specific gravity is less than steel 1/4. The tensile strength of carbon fiber composite material is 7~9 times, and the tensile modulus of 23000~43000Mpa is higher than that of steel. 

The car using carbon fiber composite material can be used for automotive transmission shaft, spring, frame and brake parts etc.. At present, the steel material about the body weight of 3/4, if the steel parts of the car by carbon fiber composite material replacement, body weight can reduce 300kg, fuel efficiency increased by 36%, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 17%.

1 automotive body and chassis applications, due to the carbon fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites have enough strength and stiffness, is the manufacture of automotive body and chassis and other major structural parts of the lightest material. The application of carbon fiber composite material is expected to reduce the quality of the car body and chassis 40% ~ 60%, equivalent to the steel structure of 1/3 ~ 1/6. The common part of the car body, vehicle modifications are for this, another excellent visual effect is very cool.

2 the application of brake pads, carbon fiber is also due to its environmental protection and wear characteristics and application in the brake pads, but containing carbon fiber composite material products are high, so the brake is mainly used in high-end cars. Carbon fiber brake discs are widely used for racing cars, such as F1. It can reduce the speed of the car to 50 km/h from 300 m to 50 km/h, the temperature of the brake disc will be raised to 900, and the brake disc will be red with a large amount of heat. Carbon fiber brake disc can withstand the high temperature of 2500 degrees, and has a very good braking stability.

Application of 3 wheels, the hub of the German manufacturing experts, launched a series of hub, take 2 chip design, the outer ring is made of carbon fiber material to create, the inner hub for lightweight alloys and collocation of stainless steel screws. Compared with the general with the size of the wheel quality low 40% about. Take 20 inch wheel hub for example, the hub mass is 6 kg, and the general hub is about 18 kg. British Kahm company used the CFRP RX-X type advanced car special wheel, the quality is only 6 kg, can be high speed, and can reduce the radial inertia force of the wheel. By the British DYMAG company developed the world most light carbon fiber / magnesium wheels by carbon fiber wheel and magnesium brake disc 2 part, and with Ti special hardware connection.

4 drive shaft application, the transmission shaft of the automobile is more complex, especially to bear great torque, considering the carbon fiber reinforced composite material anisotropy, specific strength and specific modulus is relatively low, so that the use of carbon fiber reinforced composite material transmission shaft to replace the metal products, meet the use requirements. Carbon fiber drive shaft it not only reduces the weight of 60%, but also has better fatigue resistance and durability.

Automobile application of carbon fiber as long as it is designed to meet the realization of auto lightweight but also enough cars to rigid demand, not only can achieve the global demand for energy saving and emission reduction, can also meet the public to meet the problems of public relations of the fuel-efficient. Carbon fiber material can be as the car of the future mainstream material, but excellent products total its disadvantages that cost is too high, small parts prices are maintained at 10000 yuan, so as long as they can reduce the cost of carbon fiber materials can become mainstream material.
So do you think carbon fiber car worthy?