Another application of consumer products! Application of high strength carbon fiber composites in the legs of AR glasses

Jun 14, 2022

Official website of China Composite Industry Association / Xing Xiuyan / 2022-06-14 11:43:12 79820
According to foreign media reports, the new ar glasses developed by Goethe can be wirelessly connected with mobile phones or PCs through WiFi 6/6e and Bluetooth. They have complete hardware configuration and support a variety of application scenarios such as office, game entertainment, task guidance and remote assistance, learning and simulation training.

Another application of consumer products! Application of high strength carbon fiber composites in the legs of AR glasses
In terms of optics, the new ar glasses reference design adopts the upgraded ultra-thin free-form surface optical scheme and is equipped with a 1920*1080 resolution micro OLED display. The thickness of the front frame of the glasses is reduced by nearly 40% and the appearance is more humanized. In addition, the balanced counterweight design in front of and behind the glasses effectively optimizes the overall counterweight feeling, making it more comfortable to wear.
Goethe applied high-strength carbon fiber composite materials to the legs of AR glasses for the first time, which made the equipment lighter and thinner while increasing the strength; The tail of the mirror leg is wrapped with deformable soft titanium alloy, making the head more comfortable and suitable for people with different head circumference. In terms of heat dissipation, the passive heat dissipation scheme is adopted, which effectively redistributes the heat of the intelligent viewer and effectively reduces the body temperature; The smart viewer is also equipped with a near ear acoustic module independently developed by GoerTek, ensuring sound quality and privacy.
Goethe is a Chinese high-tech company founded in 2011, focusing on the R & D, marketing and manufacturing of high-precision components and intelligent hardware. It has cooperated with Qualcomm to launch snapdragon based ®  XR2 platform's new wireless AR (augmented reality) intelligent viewer reference design. The design aims to accelerate the time to market for manufacturers who want to develop ar products based on snapdragon XR2 platform.
This time, new consumer electronic products and high-performance composite materials are integrated, opening up new development prospects. The civil market demand for a number of high-performance composites such as carbon fiber is also expanding.

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