• Carbon Carbon Fiber Medical Tube
  • Carbon Carbon Fiber Medical Tube

Carbon Carbon Fiber Medical Tube

This product is one of the components of carbon fiber medical machines. It’s stable and light, with wear resistance.


CF and CF composite materials have been widely valued in medical devices and biomaterials because of their excellent performances like excellent mechanical performance, chemical stability, bio-compatibility with human body, poisonless and tasteless, high X-Ray transmittance, low loss. CFRP board, thickness 1mm. Its X-Ray clarity is 96%, the consumption of scattering and absorbing is 4% and the total losses is less than 1/5 of aluminum. CF medical bed-board has become one the the major application areas of CF composite materials because of its performances of light weight as well as high strength, flexibility and with special functions.

Our company professionally produces various kinds of medical CT bed-board, Sandwich board, pure CF light transmitting plate, electric operation bed board, etc. The maximum dimension could reach up to 2800mm x 600mm